New Release – The Other End of the Leash by NJ Cole and Oliver Durant

The Other End of the Leash

by NJ Cole and Oliver Durant

Buy link https://amzn.to/2MlTMYL


Raven lived the life of a submissive 24/7. She was under the care of her Master, Seth Thomas, who treated her well, using her as she enjoyed and letting her live freely on his estate with his other submissives, who came and went as they wished.
Seth kept his kinky side secret from his family so when he was called overseas for family business that would take a month, he turned to fellos Doms in the lifestyle to help him care for his pet.
Kade Reynolds was a meticulous dominant. He’d plan and execute his scenes carefully. His submissives were always cared for, but he never let his emotions get involved. With each scene, he wanted to push himself further. When he was approached to care for Raven while her Master was gone, he jumped at the chance for something new. A live in submissive who would obey any command given by the person holding her leash. Kade enjoys it far more than he thought he would. When Seth returns for his pet, will Kade be able to hand over the leash?

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