Limited time Freebie 6/5-6/7 Awakening by Sarah Stein


Awakening, #1 by Sarah Stein is #FREE on Amazon for a limited time only!



6/5 and end on 6/7

Up North in Arctic Village, Alaska, Analyse Jenkins knew at an early age that she was unique. Throughout life, sheโ€™s steered by her instinct and never thought it would lead her astray until she meets Worwick Mitchell. Heโ€™s everything a woman craves: tall, dark, handsome, and wolf?

Worwick searched his entire life for his mate but to no avail. The White Stealth Clan has rules, and one states that you canโ€™t be alpha without a mate. To his delight, Analyse was right under his nose.

She has questions, and he has answers. Would she accept him, and become his mate? Itโ€™s a struggle between earning Analysesโ€™ trust and finding the members that are kidnapped from his pack. Neither can be let down.

#Books #PNR #SarahStein #limitedtimeonly

Author: The Redhead

Just a mom who loves to take road trips, read and share my thoughts.

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