Another Author I need to Thank

I can’t start of my blog with out sharing a very special author with you. I need to share with you because she is the reason I have done more in this book world than I thought I ever could.


Right about the time I made this blogging decision I connected with one of my long time favorite authors, Rhonda Lee Carver. I have a huge thing for cowboys and she writes about some really sexy men. My one-click button just automatically clicks with her new release. Then I sit and wait.

I remember when I started following Rhonda on Facebook. Facebook is a great way to find your new books and find a group of new friends that read your favorite genres. I had a core set of authors in my western romance library. While checking out one of those authors Rhonda’s books popped up. I was hooked immediately.

The next chapter in my romance book world feels like a readers fantasy camp. I am currently the PA (personal assistant) for Rhonda Lee Carver. Lucky me right? I help spread the word, communicate with her street team and basically share my love of her books. There are more duties and I love doing all of them. Plus she makes a point of telling me she appreciates all I do. It really is a mutual appreciation and has turned into a great friendship. Lucky me again.

So even though I was ready to quit the blogging part of the romance book world I had no doubt working for Rhonda would be something I would not give up on. As long as she needs me I am all in.

Learning how to be the best PA possible took time but has Rhonda stuck with me. I am so glad she did.

I hope you go check out here books. Not because I am her PA but because her books are great. If you love cowboys, and who doesn’t, here are her links. Find out for yourself.

P.S. She writes about more than just cowboys but those are the guys that hooked me. Check out her Studs in Scrubs series as well as the Knight Brothers. Yummy!












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