❤ Coveted Desire ❤

Author: Crimson Syn

Genre: #EroticRomance #OfficeRomance #LoveHate

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Sweetness and fire wrapped into one delicious package

And she’s come to tempt me in every way possible.

This push and pull between us is driving me insane,

And if she continues to push me onto that ledge,

I swear I’ll take her down with me into an erotic abyss

That will leave us both breathless from the sweet torment.

Staying away from her is my escape,

Keeping her is the only alternative that won’t destroy me.


He said I was meant to save him,

But I wasn’t prepared for what that entailed.

He’s trapped me in his passionate chaos

And I’m defenseless against him.

Back and forth we go in this seductive wheel of desire,

A desire that will only be quenched by his touch.

How can I turn away from the only man who makes me want to lose control?

He is the most exquisite form of self-torture I’ve ever known.

He is my storm.

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